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Breakthrough: Atmosphere Of “Diamond” Super-Earth Detected For First Time

Breakthrough: Atmosphere Of “Diamond” Super-Earth Detected For First Time by CoNN Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, or at least that’s what the De Beers’ diamond monopoly would have girls believe… For the first time ever, astronomers at the University College London have detected the presence of Hydrogen and Helium gas in the atmosphere of a super-Earth; 55

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Cool Inventions: This Amazing Drinking Bottle Creates Water Out Of Thin Air!

This Amazing Drinking Bottle Creates Water Out Of Thin Air! by Sophie McAdam at Using solar technology to harvest fresh water, this cool invention has the potential to make a huge difference to the world. Water is the most precious resource we have, but it’s in dangerously short supply. Just imagine if we could extract this life-giving fluid directly

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After Obama Killed Our Space Program, Putin Can Now Charge The US More To Hitch A Ride

March 25, 2014 – Cavuto: Putin Just Stuck It Back To Us; U.S. Paying Dearly For Trips To Space. More When Obama Attacked NASA, He Violated His Oath This article appears in the April 8, 2011 issue of Executive Intelligence Review. KILLING THE FUTURE [PDF version of this article] April 2—Two days after President Obama announced his

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Hackers have developed a Spy Drone that can steal private stuff off your smartphone

THIS DRONE CAN STEAL WHAT’S ON YOUR PHONE SOURCE: CNN THE NEXT THREAT TO YOUR PRIVACY COULD BE HOVERING OVER HEAD WHILE YOU WALK DOWN THE STREET. Hackers have developed a drone that can steal the contents of your smartphone — from your location data to your Amazon  password — and they’ve been testing it out in the

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New Deadly Threat – Killer Robots To Join Killer Drones – #ScaryTimes

What was science fiction a couple of decades ago is now everyday reality. But it’s not only computers and smartphones — the progress has brought us new war machines — unmanned drones striking from the skies are no surprise for anyone today. But what has the progress of warfare prepared for us in the coming

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#RetailDrones – Amazon’s Drone Delivery Plans Sounds Cool But Are We Safe?

A UAV expert has warned that Amazon’s ambitious policy to deliver goods to customers using drones will result in the devices crashing into people. Shop Amazon – Top Holiday Deals in Electronics SOURCE: ZDNET Not content with next-day delivery service through its Prime program, Amazon wants orders to land on people’s front porches in as little as

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#Shocking, The New Xbox One Can See Your Private Parts – #XboxOne #Xbox

Shocking The New Xbox One Can See Your Private Parts Tags: Sci-Tech, Xbox, Microsoft, Image, scandal Top Trending News From The Web

See-Through mobile phone has been developed in Taiwan by division of a US company

The Taiwan division of a US company has developed a fully-transparent mobile phone, said to have similar functions to a smartphone. Report by Tom Ellis.Are You Ready For The Coming Food and Economic Crisis Call or Click Now: 888-654-2797. – Tags: See-Through mobile phone, Taiwan , sci-tech, news Top Trending News From The Web

Alarming Meteor Impacts, Are We Ready?

Abby Martin interviews Geologist Dr. Ross Irwin, of the National Air & Space Museum about the recent meteor that crashed in Russia and the dangers posed by near earth objects. Tags: Meteor, Impacts, news, Sci-Tech Top Trending News From The Web