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The Peculiar Similarities between 9-11 and the Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy

The Peculiar Similarities between 9-11 and the Assassination of RFK By Christopher Bollyn Sen. Robert F. Kennedy at the Ambassador Hotel shortly before he was ushered into the pantry where he was shot. The Zionist-controlled media pretends that the truth about the murder of Robert F. Kennedy is “out of our reach.”  Why would they

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Did Israel Kill the Kennedys?

Did Israel Kill the Kennedys? By LAURENT GUYÉNOT Just after midnight of June 6, 1968, Senator Robert Kennedy was assassinated in a backroom of the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles. He had just been celebrating his victory at the California primaries, which made him the most likely Democratic nominee for the presidential election. His popularity was

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Bizarre Oddities: What If 9/11 Was Really A Global Satanic Ritual To Usher In The Antichrist One World Order?

First Some Background on Ritual Murders Video: Jewish Ritual Murder Revisited:The Hidden Cult [FULL & HD] Babel Towers: The Occult Secret Behind The 9/11 Freedom Tower 9/11 Satanic Magic & One World Tower “Demonic Portal”? 9/11 as “global luciferian megaritual” to usher in jewish messiah (the masonic christ and christian antichrist) and jewish utopia (new

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