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Evil Population Control Scheme? Melinda Gates To Inject Indian Girls With Sterilization

Melinda Gates Wants Population Control Bill Gates Confronted on Eugenics by We Are Change Melinda Gates to Inject Indian Girls with Sterilization by Gary Barnes Melinda Gates of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is furthering her agenda to control the population. This time is by launching her “Family Planning Programme. The technology is called

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The UN’s Plan to Halt Population Growth by Turning Nature Against Us

The UN’s Plan to Halt Population Growth by Turning Nature Against Us Christina Sarich, Staff  Waking Times Business as usual at the United Nations includes plans subvert fertility and increase mortality… The United Nations has been planning a depopulation agenda for decades according to many ‘conspirators’, but few have been able to describe so clearly, just

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Bizarre Oddities: Population Control Or A One World Neutered UniSex Agenda? Forced #GenderBenders ?

UK Government Survey Ask Kids To Choose of 25 Genders! NWO Agenda? Bizarre Oddities: Justin Bieber Was Born A Girl and Miley Cyrus Was Born A Boy?

Obama’s Ebola Czar Is Big On Population Control, The Walking Dead Predicted the Ebola Outbreak

Obama’s new ‘Ebola Czar’ Ron Klain is an enthusiastic advocate of population control who thinks that there are too many people. CIA and U.S. military involvement in the use of biological pathogens as weapons is well documented. But surely the creators of The Walking Dead are just conspiracy theorists. Tags: Ebola, The Walking Dead, Population Control, biological

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