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Prepping – Those That Are Not Preparing For The Coming Economic Depression Are Going To Bitterly Regret It….

Those That Are Not Preparing For The Coming Economic Depression Are Going To Bitterly Regret It By Michael Snyder, on August 18th, 2013 The next great economic crisis is rapidly approaching, and most people are going to be totally blindsided by it. Even though the warning signs are glaringly obvious, most Americans continue to believe

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Defunding Obamacare Music Mix – Featuring Sen Ted Cruz (R) Texas

Defund & Defeat Obamacare Mix – Featuring Sen Ted Cruz (R) Texas Music Mix By Jack Allen – Created For This Video & Max One Media Tags: Sen Ted Cruz (R) Texas, Defeat Obamacare, Defund Obamacare, news, Big Brother, Healthcare Top Trending News From The Web

Bad Media: Time Magazine’s Grunwald Says He Can Use Propaganda To Defend Drone Killing Of Julian Assange

Time Magazine’s Michael Grunwald Says He Can Use Propaganda To Defend Drone Murder Of Julian Assange Yearning for Assassination of Julian Assange Puts “Journalist” Under Fire August 18, 2013 Source: Common Dreams Time magazine’s senior national correspondent Michael Grunwald rues for that day he can defend the US government if it decides to assassinate Wikileaks

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Wow, Huge Overpasses to Impeach Obama Protests Planned For August 17th 2013

InfoWars’ Alex Jones is joined via video Skype by James Neighbors of to discuss their country wide campaign of overpass protests to impeach president Obama. Tags: Impeach Obama, Barack Obama, Big Brother, News, Overpasses to Impeach Obama, Protest, August 17th 2013, Alex Jones, James Neighbors, Top Trending News From The Web

Is Barack Obama Worthy Of A Peace Prize? Did MSNBC Play Race Card & Ignore Obama’s Drone Killings?

Video 1: Wow, Obama’s Spokesperson Still Thinks Barack Is Worthy Of A Peace Prize. Stop The Drone Killings Of Innocent Civilians In The American People’s Name. Video 2: MSNBC Plays Race Card: Ignores Obama’s Drone Killings. Alex Jones is joined by former minister of information for the original Black Panther Party to respond to the

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George “Neighborhood Watch” Zimmerman Rescues Parents With Children From Truck Crash \ #Zimmerman

George Zimmerman Still Wants To Help – Rescues Family Of Four From Truck Crash. Authorities said George Zimmerman, who hasn’t been spotted in public since being acquitted of second-degree murder in Trayvon Martin’s death, helped rescue a family trapped in an overturned truck on the highway last week. Seminole County Sheriff’s Office said on Wednesday

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Some People Think Nancy Grace Sounded Drunk When She Said Fu#king Coons On Live TV

Was Nancy Grace Drunk Or On Something When She Said Fu#king Coons On Live TV? Viewer Advisory. Jack Allen – Her comments were never in evidence during the trial, so we are not sure were she came up with this off the wall comment. George Zimmerman was found not guilty in the death of Trayvon

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Is The USA Now A Surveillance State? Charges Against Edward Snowden But Obama Can Still Drone Kill The Innocent

The US government has filed criminal charges against Edward Snowden – the man who told the world about the scope of America’s global surveillance network. Washington now wants help from Hong Kong officials – because Snowden’s been hiding in the Chinese territory since unleashing the revelations about the National Security Agency. Julian Assange has meanwhile

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Clare Daly Does Not Hold Back In Irish Parliament: Obama Is A “War Criminal” & “Hypocrite Of The Century”

Obama called “war criminal” & “hypocrite of the century” in Irish Parliament. Shorter Version Below Clare Daly in Irish Parliament: Tags: Clare Daly, Irish Parliament, Obama Is A “War Criminal”, Obama Is the “Hypocrite Of The Century” Barack Obama, Drone Man Obama, War Criminal, Hypocrite Of The Century, news, Election Fraud, Impeachment of Obama, Impeachment Top Trending

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