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Joel Gilbert Pulls Back The Curtain On Obama And The Vast Left Wing Conspiracy

Official film site: – – – Film maker Joel Gilbert (There’s No Place Like Utopia) speaking at American Legion Hall in Redlands, California (April 24, 2014) in this speech entitled ‘Utopia and The Vast Left Wing Conspiracy’. Film Synopsis: Why did Dorothy follow the yellow brick road? Film maker Joel Gilbert journeys across America to find

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Famed Watergate Reporter Bob Woodward: White House Threatened Me ‘You’re Going to Regret This’

Brett LoGiurato Bob Woodward said this evening on CNN that a “very senior person” at the White House warned him in an email that he would “regret doing this,” the same day he has continued to slam President Barack Obama over the looming forced cuts known as the sequester. CNN host Wolf Blitzer said that the

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America is Becoming A Communist Country, If We Lose Freedom In The USA, There Is No Place To Run To

The Infowars Nightly News, David Knight speaks with Virginia Prodan who lived under the President Chauchesku the Romanian Dictator. She warns of America on the same road to Communism that Romania fell under. Tags: Romanian Dictator, President Chauchesku, Big Brother, news, Communist, Socialist, Marxist, Barack Obama, Obama The Drone Killer, Drones, Virginia Prodan, Romania

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Obama Using Fake Twitter Accounts For Anti-2nd Amendment Posts?

Obama’s Handlers Using Computer Generated Spam-Bots On Twitter To Promote Anti-2nd Amendment Posts? Tags: Twitter, Spam-bots, Barack Obama, Impeachment, news, scam, Anti-2nd Amendment, Marxist, Communist Top Trending News From The Web

Obama Ed Chief’s Claim Of Teachers Getting Sequester Pink Slips Seems To Be Another Big Fat Lie

By Lyndsey Layton and Karen Tumulty, Wednesday, February 27, 12:53 PMThe descriptions of the post-sequester landscape that have been coming out of the Obama Administration have been alarming, specific–and, in at least some cases, hyped.“There are literally teachers now who are getting pink slips, who are getting notices that they can’t come back this fall,”

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Ron Paul: Obamacare is a Disaster – Socialist Collective Killing USA

On today’s program, Alex Jones welcomes former Congressman Ron Paul to break down the use of force by federal agents to enforce unjust and unconstitutional laws and the victimization of Americans for simply engaging in commercial transactions. TAGS: Ron Paul, Alex Jones, Socialist Collective, Obamacare, Big Brother, Marxist, Socialist, anti-American, Impeachment, Barack Obama Top Trending

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Funny: Barack Obama is AMERICA’S DAD…. Can anyone say, PATERNITY TEST?

Passionate Opinion: Barack Obama is AMERICA’S DAD…. Can anyone say, PATERNITY TEST? Top Trending News From The Web

Rep. McDermott can’t explain why health-care premiums are going up when the Dems promised they would go down

Rep. McDermott can’t explain why health-care premiums are going up when his Party promised they would go down. So instead he deflects attention by insulting right-leaning donors. Tags: Rep. Jim McDermott, Obamacare, Marxist, Socialist Democrats, Democrats, Socialized Medicine, Big Brother Top Trending News From The Web

Polish Refugee Warns of Communism Taking Over America

David Knight interviews polish refugee, Bert Pachulski who says America is very rapidly becoming like the Soviet Union he once lived in over 60 years ago.Tags: America, polish refugee, Bert Pachulski, Soviet Union, news, Communism, Marxist Top Trending News From The Web