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Time To Dump ObamaCare!!!!! Sen. Inhofe discusses amendment to defund it

Sen. Inhofe discusses amendment to defund ObamaCare. Tags: Big Brother, ObamaCare, Sen. Inhofe, health, news, amendment, defund Top Trending News From The Web

Health: Massachusetts Schools Send Kids Home With Letters Saying They Are ‘Too Fat’

Massachusetts schools are sending students home with letters to their parents, but the letters don’t have anything to do with grades or behavior – they have to do with weight! This is part of a new government initiative to tell parents when their child’s BMI (body mass index) is high and give them instructions on

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KFC halts chicken supply from 1,000 Chinese farms after antibiotics scare..

Source: Natural News Another day, another Chinese food scare. KFC is dropping more than 1,000 farms from its network of suppliers in China to make sure the food it serves is safe after a scandal over tainted chicken hurt company sales in that key (meaning large) emerging market last year. The issue came up in

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Mike Adams w/ Jim Marrs: TSA, Obama Bites, The Occult, Self Defense And BPA Is Deadly To Developing Brains….

Obama Bites, Occult, Self Defense, Mike Adams and Jim Marrs: Infowars Nightly News. Mike Adams anchors a focused and hard hitting nightly news transmission. Tags: Health Ranger, Mike Adams, Jim Marrs, news, health, Big Brother, BPA, Jim Marrs, Obama’s Kill List Top Trending News From The Web

Band Student From Long Island Dies Of Mysterious Illness During Disneyland School Trip…

ANAHEIM ( — A 15-year-old boy from Long Island died of a mysterious illness while on a school trip to Disneyland. Joseph Tutaj was one of 80 students from Seaford High School’s marching band who traveled to the Southland to perform at the Anaheim theme park last week. “The first day at Disneyland he was

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Newfound conservative hero Dr. Ben Carson Address His Critics, Blast ObamaCare

Newfound conservative hero Dr. Benjamin Carson appeared on Fox’s Your World this afternoon to respond to his detractors who’ve called his National Prayer Day speech before the president “inappropriate” and “offensive” given the apolitical nature of the event. Asked how the president initially reacted to the speech, Dr. Carson told host Neil Cavuto that Obama

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Shocking: Mysterious Disease Leaving Philadelphia Women ‘Possessed,’ Catatonic

It’s a mysterious, newly discovered disease that strikes mainly young women, and it’s often misdiagnosed. Doctors who discovered it, here in Philadelphia, say it’s like your brain is on fire. 3 On Your Side Health Reporter Stephanie Stahl says it starts with personality changes. Source: CBS Top Trending News From The Web

GMO a Go-Go! Changing the Human Genome One Meal at a Time…….

Natural News have teamed up with Infomatic Films to produce “GMO a Go-Go!”, an animated film all about genetically modified organisms and how good they are – well, for Big Pesticide anyway. “GMOS, changing the human genome one meal at a time!” This new animated video gives us all the basics on why GMOs are

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Online Date Almost Killed Her!! Woman Sues For $10M After Getting Matched With Murder Suspect

Woman Sues For $10M After Getting Matched With Murder Suspect Who Brutally Attacked Her. Online Date Almost Killed Her – Stabbed Hospitalized Mary Kay Beckman Sues $10 million. Tags:, dating, murder, iTunes Podcast, Woman, Sues, $10M, news, health, relationships, 10 Secrets About Men Top Trending News From The Web