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Some People Think Nancy Grace Sounded Drunk When She Said Fu#king Coons On Live TV

Was Nancy Grace Drunk Or On Something When She Said Fu#king Coons On Live TV? Viewer Advisory. Jack Allen – Her comments were never in evidence during the trial, so we are not sure were she came up with this off the wall comment. George Zimmerman was found not guilty in the death of Trayvon

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Opinion: Alex Jones with Larry Elder: The True Face of Gun Violence

Alex Jones invites author and American radio and television personality Larry Elder to discuss the Obama deception still entrancing Americans and people worldwide. http://www.larryelder.com/ Tags: Alex Jones, Larry Elder, Guns, Gun Grabber, Obama deception, Big Brother, news

Get A Whistle Ladies – Democrat Rep. Joe Salazar Controversial Rape Comment & Gun Grab Agenda

Lawmaker Try To Defends Gun Control Agenda With Controversial Rape Comment Rep. Joe Salazar said college women shouldn’t carry guns because they might shoot people who are not trying to attack them. Tags: salazar, guns, women guns, gun control, joe salazar, rape comment, salazar rape comment, college campus gun, gun rights, politics news, News

Big Brother Documentary: THE EXECUTIVE – Obama’s Real Reason He Wants Your Guns

In this made for YouTube documentary, we examine the real reason President Obama wants your guns. Documentary: THE EXECUTIVE – Obama’s Real Reason He Wants Your Guns. Tags: Barack Obama, Hitler, Gun Grab, Documentary, 2nd Amendment, Guns, Big Brother, iTunes Podcast

A growing movement of sheriffs are refusing to participate in Obama’s USA disarmament agenda

A growing movement of sheriffs and law enforcement figures are refusing to participate in Obama’s disarmament. In this behind-the-scenes footage, Sheriff Richard Mack explains why counties refusing to implement gun control measures is the best, and most peaceful, remedy to the attempts in Washington to destroy the 2nd Amendment. Sheriff Mack: Constitutional Sheriffs Refusing to

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Obama’s War on Guns And Now Articles To Impeach Him

By issuing 23 executive orders to restrict firearms ownership, Obama has made his contempt for the People, the Congress and the Bill of Rights & Constitution blatantly obvious. Aaron Dykes – Infowars.com Barack Obama’s bold use of executive orders to ‘take action without Congress’ amounts to an outrageous unconstitutional overreach of powers, and is impeachable

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NRA’s Ad: Elitist Hypocrite! – Protection For Obama’s Kids, Gun-Free Zones For Ours?

Latest NRA Ad: Why is President Obama so skeptical about putting armed security in our schools? It’s okay for his kids, but not ours? We want our fair share of security, too. NRA Stand And Fight. Tags: NRA, Guns, Gun Confiscation, news, Big Brother, 2nd Amendment, Constitution, itunes, Freedom, Barack Obama, Amazon, Socialist, Video, Ad

Ban Prozac And Other Mass Murder Drugs? Psychotropic drugs are at the heart of 99% off mass murder shootings?

Prozac and its family of psychotropic drugs are at the heart of 99% off mass murder shootings. The media also hypes victim disarmament zones like public brainwashing centers as a great place for Prozac and Zoloft heads to kill. They always go to the place with no guns so they can take there time. Guns

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