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9-11 Crime, 15th Year Anniversary Special Report – Zionists And Israel Connected To 9-11

9-11 Crime, 15th Year Anniversary Special Report – Zionists And Israel Connected To 9-11 Reporter and Researcher Christopher Bollyn interviewed about September 11th Crimes on the 15th Anniversary of the False Flag Attacks in New York City. Very important interview… Topics include Larry Silverstein, Urban Moving Systems, Yakobi Alexander and Odigo, Jerome Hauer, Frank Lowy,

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Red Herring Alert: 9/11 Top-Secret 28 Pages About Alleged Saudi Involvement Is A False Lead?

The 28 Pages and Other False Leads By Christopher Bollyn The “60 Minutes” (CBS News) piece on the top-secret 28 pages about alleged Saudi involvement with two of the alleged hijackers opens the discussion about the false leads of 9/11. The following discussion is between me and Ken Jenkins, a founding member of the Northern California 9/11

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The Israeli Mossad Hit On JFK? The Real Story Of The JFK Assassination, The Missing Link

JFK Secret Societies Speech (full version) Israel’s Central Role in JFK Assassination, Who’s Who in JFK Assassinationexcerpted from the book Final Judgment – The missing link in the JFK assassination conspiracy  by Michael Collins PiperWolfe Press, 1995, paperbackTHE UNSPOKEN TRUTH: ISRAEL’S CENTRAL ROLE IN THE JFK ASSASSINATIONWhere in the world could anyone come up with the idea

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Conspiracy Grows? Was Justice Scalia Murdered Like Andrew Breitbart?

Was Justice Scalia Murdered Like Andrew Breitbart? Related Video: Why Andrew Breitbart, Michael Hastings and Tom Clancy were Murdered

America Freedom Is Dying: Conspiracy To Detain And Imprison Citizens

Bundy Ranch, FEMA Camps, Martial Law today, and the government conspiracy to detain and imprison our own citizens is examined with Next News Network’s Gary Franchi. We look at government threat lists, the secretive MIAC police report, Aaron Russo, and the truth behind the attack on freedom being masterminded by Big Brother in this uncensored

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#CelebrityBlotter – Wow, Paul Walker Was Murdered By A Drone Strike & The Illuminati? #Scandals

Does surveillance camera footage show a drone missile or a light pole? There’s more excitement and outrage over Paul Walker’s death amongst so-called ‘conspiracy theorists’ than the death of Michael Hastings, which is totally bizarre because unlike Paul Walker, there was actually a motive behind the notion that Hastings was murdered. But at the end

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New #JFK Info – Long-Hidden Footage Shows A Second Shooter Of John F. Kennedy? #JFKassassination

Long-Hidden Video Reports To Show A Second Shooter Of John F. Kennedy November 25, 2013 Source: Daily Mail A Texas real-estate developer is in possession of footage of John F. Kennedy’s motorcade from that fateful day in Dallas that he believes supports the theory that Lee Harvey Oswald did not act alone. Whether or not the

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Conspiracy Video: John F Kennedy Insider Speaks Out

Me And Lee – John F Kennedy Insider Speaks Out.

Video Expose: Lord Monckton Investigates Obama’s Forged Birth Certificate…

Is the President the President? BY ARTICLE II, section 1, of the United States Constitution, “no person except a natural born Citizen … shall be eligible for the Office of President”. On 27 April 2011, two days after an opinion poll had found that 62% of voters doubted whether Mr. Barack Obama had been born

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