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Fake Investigation: 9/11 Suspect Philip Zelikow – Planned Iraq War Before 9/11

In January of 2003, just weeks after Kissinger stepped down, it was quietly announced that Philip D. Zelikow would take on the role of executive director. As executive director, Zelikow picked “the areas of investigation, the briefing materials, the topics for hearings, the witnesses, and the lines of questioning for witnesses.” In effect, this was

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9/11 Suspects: EPA’s Christine Todd Whitman Lied About Air Being Safe At Ground Zero

If the brave men and women who had rushed to the World Trade Center in the chaotic days after 9/11 to help with the search and rescue had done so knowing the risks they were facing, that would be one thing. But of course they did not. They had been given false assurances by Christine

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Destruction Of Evidence: 9/11 Suspects – Rudy Giuliani

Destruction Of Evidence: 9/11 Suspects – Rudy Giuliani By Corbett After stepping down as mayor of New York City, Rudy Giuliani tried to launch himself as a national political leader on the back of the single defining event of his career. In the end he failed miserably, with voters immediately seeing his ploy for what

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9-11 Crime, 15th Year Anniversary Special Report – Zionists And Israel Connected To 9-11

9-11 Crime, 15th Year Anniversary Special Report – Zionists And Israel Connected To 9-11 Reporter and Researcher Christopher Bollyn interviewed about September 11th Crimes on the 15th Anniversary of the False Flag Attacks in New York City. Very important interview… Topics include Larry Silverstein, Urban Moving Systems, Yakobi Alexander and Odigo, Jerome Hauer, Frank Lowy,

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Bizarre Oddities: Lucky Larry Silverstein’s Last Four Numbers Of His Office Phone Number Is 666

Bizarre Oddities: Lucky Larry Silverstein’s Last Four Numbers Of His Office Phone Number Is 666 A Youtuber CALLs Larry Silverstein’s Office About Having NEW WTC7 Plans in 2000 Lucky Larry Silverstein Larry Silverstein avoids 9/11 questions   Top Trending News From The Web

Remember The Dancing Israelis – Debunking The “The Saudis Did 9-11” Nonsense!

Debunking the “The Saudis did 9-11” nonsense! The official story of 9-11 is collapsing almost as fast as the Obamacare website. Most Americans are now well aware of the strange collapse of WTC Building 7, the video that captures the sound of the actual explosion that initiates the collapse of WTC7, the very strange behavior

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Israel and Saudi Arabia: Brief History Of A Twisted Love Affair, Like With The 9/11 Connection

Israel and Saudi Arabia: Best Friends Forever By Makia Freeman Contributor, Israel and Saudi Arabia have a snug and cozy relationship. They are, indeed, BFF or best friends forever as a typical Western teenage girl might label them. At first glance, it admittedly seems extremely odd that the Zionist regime of Israel, holding such

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In Reality, The War On Terror Is An Israeli Propaganda Construct

How Israel Created the Fiend for the War on Terror In reality, the War on Terror is an Israeli propaganda construct designed to deceive the West into destroying Israel’s enemies on behalf of the Zionist state. By Christopher Bollyn – Source The War on Terror is essentially an Israeli war strategy. It was first promoted

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9/11 Truth: Zionist Charles Schumer Has Poisoned An Anti-Saudi Arabia Draft Bill To Protect Israel

Schumer’s 9/11 bill loophole to lock Saudis truth: Analyst New York Senator Charles Schumer has poisoned an anti-Saudi Arabia draft bill to protect Israeli interests and prevent the Persian Gulf Kingdom from telling the truth about the 2001 attacks, says an author and political commentator. Zionist Senator Chuck Schumer’s support of Israeli terrorism against the

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