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Parody: Let’s Face It, Obamacare Is A Scary Joke | #MakeDCListen #ObamaTax #ObamaCrap

With Obamacare You Are Covered By Mandates & Taxes Not HealthCare – More Than a Glitch & Epic Disgrace. Taxpayer-funded commercials paint a rosy picture of the Affordable Care Act. But let’s face it, Obamacare is unworkable. Enjoy our parody. | Tags: Obamacare, ObamaTax, Obama’s Scandals, Takeover Of America, Socialist Healthcare, news Top Trending News

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Obama Goes Tyrannical – Kicks Granny Out Of Home, Abuses Veterans & Religious Groups – #MakeDCListen

The government shutdown is being felt close to home for some locals. They say they’re being forced out of private homes on Lake Mead because they sit on federal land. Joyce Spencer is 77-years-old and her husband Ralph is 80. They’ve been spending most of their time in the family ice cream store since going

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#ScaryVideo – Monster Truck Loses Control After A Stunt & Runs Over Crowd In Mexico, Several Dead, Injured

At least 7 people were killed and 46 injured after a monster truck ran over spectators during the “Extremo Aeroshow” in Chihuahua, Mexico, CNN cites the Mexican state news agency Notimex as saying. The city’s mayor, Marco Quezada Martinez, told the agency that an investigation had been ordered to look into the incident. Tags:  monster truck, Chihuahua,

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Uninformed & Clueless Obama Fans, Not Even Sure What Party Obama Is Associated With | #Obots #Idiocracy

Alex is joined by Mark DIce to discuss the brainwashed nature of the American public at large. The Obama Effect – Real Life Idiocracy in America – Obama Supporters Aren’t Sure What Party the President is Associated With. Tags: Real Life Idiocracy, Obama Followers, Offbeat News, Mark Dice Top Trending News From The Web

#PoliceState – Heavily Armed D.C. Police Kill A Confused Dental Hygienist In Front Of Her Child

D.C. Homeland paramilitary forces killed a dental hygienist in front of her small child because the woman drove past a new checkpoint. They chanced her down and killed her. D.C. Is a very dangerous place to visit and Infowars is issuing a travel alert. Infowars has never been to a city even in 3rd world

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The Evils Of #ObamaTax – Obamacare Fines to be Seized From Your Bank Accounts – #MakeDCListen

Obamacare Fines to be Seized From Bank Accounts? Man who attempted to sign up claims he was threatened with drivers license being revoked, federal tax lien on home Paul Joseph Watson October 2, 2013 A man who attempted to sign up for Obamacare online was told that a fine of over $4,000 dollars a

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Dr. Pieczenik Remembers Legendary Spy Author Tom Clancy – #TomClancy Death

Alex Jones is joined on air by former head of psych-warfare Dr. Steve Pieczenik to discuss the death of legendary spy Author Tom Clancy, the state of affairs in the world, Benghazi facts and the D.C. Naval Yard Shooting. Tags: Spy Author, Tom Clancy, psych-warfare, Benghazi, D.C. Navy Yard Shooting Top Trending News From The Web

Is #ObamaCare Really #ObamaCrap ? Ted Cruz Discusses Defunding Obamacare ObamaTax and Harry Reid’s Shutdown

Sen. Ted Cruz Discusses Defunding Obamacare ObamaTax and Harry Reid’s Shutdown On The O’Reilly Factor. Tags: Defunding, Train Wreck, Obamacare, ObamaTax Top Trending News From The Web

Concerned About The Fukushima Radioactive Fallout? Get Healthy, 7 Foods Rich in Iodine | #Meltdown #Iodine

In-depth look at the way our bodies react to radioactive fallout from the Fukushima meltdown with Dr. Edward Group, an expert in heavy metal detox and other detox protocols and creator of 7 Foods Rich in Iodine – Iodine is essential not only in thyroid function, but also detoxification, development and more. Visit

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