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Dr Jermo Corsi Discusses The Vast Misappropriation Of Power By Obama – #NWO

Alex Jones is joined by Dr Jermo Corsi to discuss the vast misappropriation of power by the Obama administration. Tags: Dr Jermo Corsi, Communist Revolution, Obama’s Scandals Top Trending News From The Web

How To Find Out If A #BigBrother Gov Agency Is Spying On Your Cell Phone #SpyWatch

In this video Alex Heid, information security consultant shows you how to see what government agency is spying on your cell phones unique ip address. NSA ‘tracks mobile phone locations worldwide’ (via AFP) The National Security Agency is collecting billions of records on the location of mobile phones around the world, The Washington Post reported,

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Real #StarWars Coming: China Wants To Build A “Death Star” Just Like The One In Movie Star Wars

A report appearing in the pro-regime China Times brags that China’s launch of the Long March-3B rocket earlier this week is part of a long term plan to turn the moon into a Star Wars-style “death star” from which the PLA could launch missiles against any target on Earth. Tags: Star Wars, Death Star, China,

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Unique Gifts For Christmas & The Holidays – #Gifts

Unique Gifts For Christmas & The Holidays Custom TShirts Custom Tshirts -Online Design and Customization for T-Shirts and Personalized Products! Click here Custom Tshirts – Shop NOW and Save 15% off all orders!! Mr Beer Kit – Beer Kit – A Great Gift!America’s most popular brewing kit.Complete, easy-to-use. Only $39.95 Give the gift of food

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#Illuminati – Miley Cyrus & Obama Are Connected To The Same #Satanic Acting Sheep-Violating Pornographer

Miley Cyrus’ Illuminati Puppet Master Exposed! His Name is Terry Richardson!!!!! MUST SEE!! More Scandal Below Obama Had Senate-Office ‘Portrait Session’ With Pornographer WARNING: Some of the images and language in this story are sexually graphic and disturbing. Obama Had Senate-Office ‘Portrait Session’ With Pornographer ( — On June 20, 2007, then-Sen. Barack Obama (D.-Ill.), who

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UFOs and Aliens Are All Around Us? #UFOfiles #JFKassassination

In this video Luke Rudkowski interviews author and researcher Jim Marrs on the very controversial topic of UFOs and Aliens. The two discuss the taboo of covering the topic and some of the most important information relating to the subject. Jim Marrs is an American former newspaper journalist and New York Times bestselling author of

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#CelebrityBlotter – Wow, Paul Walker Was Murdered By A Drone Strike & The Illuminati? #Scandals

Does surveillance camera footage show a drone missile or a light pole? There’s more excitement and outrage over Paul Walker’s death amongst so-called ‘conspiracy theorists’ than the death of Michael Hastings, which is totally bizarre because unlike Paul Walker, there was actually a motive behind the notion that Hastings was murdered. But at the end

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Army General Is Demanding Obama To Resign

A retired Army general, Maj. Gen. Paul E. Vallely, is demanding Congress and all branches of our government to do their “Constitutional duties” demanding the “forced resignations” of Obama and other administration officials in this Skype interview with Steve Malzberg. Tags: Military, General Paul Vallely, Obama, Resign, Impeachment Top Trending News From The Web

#RetailDrones – Amazon’s Drone Delivery Plans Sounds Cool But Are We Safe?

A UAV expert has warned that Amazon’s ambitious policy to deliver goods to customers using drones will result in the devices crashing into people. Shop Amazon – Top Holiday Deals in Electronics SOURCE: ZDNET Not content with next-day delivery service through its Prime program, Amazon wants orders to land on people’s front porches in as little as

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