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Extreme Weather: Planet X Incoming, Birth Pangs May 2016

Extreme Weather: Planet X Incoming, Birth Pangs May 2016 SOTT ‘Earth Changes’ video summary for May 2016: extreme weather events, environmental indicators of ‘planetary upheaval’ (seismic, volcanic, etc) and Near-Earth Objects in the form of meteor fireballs. More and more people are starting to notice that something unusual is going on with the weather (and

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#SeaMonsters Helping Humans? Beached Oarfish = Earthquakes?

Sea Creatures Warning Us? “Japanese Legend Has It That Oarfish Beach Themselves To Warn Of Impending Earthquakes!” Tags: Sea Serpents, Oarfish, news, earthquakes

Video: Shocking Snowmobile Close-Call Goes Viral – A Brush With Death Has Turned Into Unlikely YouTube Stardom

Video: Blackfoot Man’s Shocking Snowmobile Close-Call Goes Viral – For one Blackfoot man, a brush with death has turned into unlikely YouTube stardom.

Quadrantids Meteor Shower Lights Up Night Sky

Between a NASA live stream, Twitter and Facebook, the Web has tonight's Quadrantids meteor shower covered. But tonight around 11:30 pm, depending on cloud cover in the South Sound, observers can look forward to 2012's first major meteor shower as reported in the Huffintgon Post today. The showers are expected to last several hours in

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Video: A Strong 6.5-magnitude earthquake Quake Shakes From Mexico City to Acapulco

A 6.5-magnitude earthquake struck in Mexico’s western Guerrero state Saturday night, shaking buildings and causing some panic just over 100 miles away in Mexico City. (Dec. 10)

Raw Video: Dust Storm Rolls Through Texas

A strong cold front bringing north and west winds gusting to 60 mph churned up a dust storm that roiled through the Texas South Plains. The wall of dust darkened skies and stopped traffic. [avantlink_ad merchant=”Eastern Mountain Sports” title=”EMS Brand 468×60″][/avantlink_ad]

Video: Phoenix slammed by dust storm on September 11, 2011

Photographer Mike Olbinski documents a major dust storm (also known as a “haboob”) in downtown Phoenix, Arizona on September 11, 2011. Holding firm in position until the massive cloud has completely passed him by, his unique vantage point allows the viewer to virtually experience the full-effect of being completely over-taken by the wall of dust

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