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TSA WHISTLEBLOWER: NEW PHONE RULE IS MORE SECURITY THEATER, WILL MAKE FLIERS LESS SAFE Power-up policy will make it easier to get explosives through checkpoints by STEVE WATSON | INFOWARS.COM A former TSA agent has described the new rule mandating fliers to power up electrical devices at the TSA’s behest as “absurdist” and “theatrical”, saying it will not

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Can Sex Save Denmark? Travel Agency Runs Sex Contest To Fight Low Birth Rate Epidemic

Travel Agency Runs Contest Urging Danes to Procreate “Can sex save Denmark?” company asks. Adan Salazar April 4, 2014 While the United Nations is busy trying to convince the world of the risks of a rising global population, a company in Denmark is practically begging its country’s citizenry to procreate in order to “save

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Epic Seat View Video – Outlaw Run Roller Coaster – Silver Dollar City Amusement Park, Branson, Missouri

Silver Dollar City, an amusement park in Branson, Missouri, is set open it’s Outlaw Run roller coaster to the public Friday. The amusement park says the ride includes the steepest drop and first double barrel roll on a wood coaster. Tags: Branson, Missouri, news, Roller Coaster Ride, Silver Dollar City Amusement Park, Outlaw Run roller

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Head Of TSA, John Pistole Questioned On Criminal Conduct Within TSA & Body Scanner Safety

Sierra Adamson questions John Pistole, Administrator of the United States Transportation Security Administration (TSA) on the criminal conduct of TSA workers and the safety of the body scanners used at checkpoints. Tags: TSA, John Pistole, TSA, Body Scanner, news, Big Brother Top Trending News From The Web

Big Brother News: TSA Trained To Touch Your Junk (genitals)?

After the attacks of 9/11, the Transportation Security Administration was created to prevent another dreadful episode of violence on American soil. The TSA has received heavy criticism for security techniques implemented on its passengers. Many argue that the security agency is no longer useful and that groping passengers and x-raying them isn’t making the skies

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Space shuttle Discovery was lifted and placed atop the Shuttle Carrier Aircraft at NASA Kennedy Space Center’s Shuttle Landing Facility mate/demate device in the early morning hours of April 15 in preparation for its ride to Washington Dulles International Airport on April 17. Discovery is set to depart just after sunrise and arrive in the

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Woman Strips Naked at Denver Airport After She Was Asked To Put Out Her Cigarette..

A woman stripped down Tuesday morning at Denver International Airport after she was asked to put out her cigarette. Woman Strips Naked at Denver Airport After She Was Asked To Put Out Her Cigarette Tags: Woman Strips Naked, Denver Airport, Cigarette, travel, news Top Trending News From The Web

Video: James Cameron And Team, New CGI Of How They Believe The Titanic Sank

James Cameron and his team pull together a new CGI of how they believe the Titanic sank and reached the ocean floor. Video: James Cameron + Team Pull Together A New CGI Of How They Believe The Titanic Sank Tags: James Cameron, CGI, Titanic, Sank, National Geographic Channel, News James Cameron discusses how breaking a

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Video: Walking Tour of Serial Killer Jeffrey Dahmer Area Brings Backlash, Groupon to cancel its discount promotion

A walking tour of the Milwaukee haunts where serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer trolled for victims has drawn protests from victims’ family members and others, prompting online deal-maker Groupon to cancel its promotion for discounted tickets. (March 13) Video: Walking Tour of Serial Killer Jeffrey Dahmer Area Brings Backlash Tags: Walking Tour, Serial Killer, Jeffrey Dahmer,

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