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Reversal Of Death? US GOV. Gives Go Ahead To Reanimate The Brain Dead

US GOVERNMENT GREEN LIGHTS EXPERIMENTS TO REANIMATE THE BRAIN DEAD Jake Anderson for ANTIMEDIA reports, It sounds like the logline from the recent sci-fi horror movie, The Lazarus Effect. But the story coming out of Bioquark Inc. is real. The biotechnology company is moving ahead with a groundbreaking experiment to reanimate the nervous systems of

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Fast Food In The Digital Age – New KFC Restaurant Run Entirely by Robots

For the fun of it: Law & Order: KFC | Robot Chicken | Adult Swim Colonel Harland Sanders robot Hotel Run By Robots So Why No A Restaurant KFC opens concept store in Shanghai as fast foodenters the digital age By Wang Zhuoqiong (China Daily) Interior view of the KFC store in Shanghai. [Photo provided to China Daily] The restaurant is much like so many others across the country, designed tastefully to look likea classical Chinese garden. The main dining space, surrounded by green bamboo, is generously filled with flowers, has amoon-shaped doorway, and is decorated in Great Wall gray and jade. But what’s surprising is that it’s actually owned by one of biggest names in global fast food: Yum Brands Inc’s KFC. And it’s been completely designed digitally, in collaboration with BaiduInc, the Chinese web services giant. Located inside Shanghai’s National Exhibition and Convention Center, the “Original+” conceptoutlet offers customers a digitalized experience, covering everything from ordering to paying, as well as other types of entertainment. Joey Wat, CEO of KFC China, said “Original+” combines both the company’s “OriginalRecipe” chicken and innovative technologies. Consumers place their orders using Baidu’s virtual personal assistant, Duer. Other technologies used include upgraded automatic ordering machines and Music ChargingTables, where customers can place cellphones capable of wireless charging inside a chargingarea, so that while the devices are being energized, their owners can relax by enjoying a listof songs customized by BaiduMP3 for the store. KFC sees the development of the concept store as a move to reposition itself to keep up withthe latest in social and consumer demands, by encompassing the internet and mobileservices, particularly to attract the younger generation. “The KFC concept store is a very interesting experiment,” said Jason Yu, general manager ofthe consumer research firm Kantar Worldpanel China. “It is expected to generate increased customer experience, and raise efficiency forrestaurants. “And in turn it is expected to attract more young and middle class customers.” The advent of such high-tech dining, however, is not expected to fully offset arguably thebiggest challenge being faced by the fast-food industry: Chinese consumers increasinglyopting for healthier eating, within an array of different choices, he said. Another fast-food chain, McDonald’s Corp, meanwhile, is also betting big on digital growth. It has already unveiled its Experience of the Future restaurant, which offers digital, personalized and customized experiences. This year the global fast-food giant will also upgrade its 150 Create Your Taste restaurants infirst-tier Chinese cities, offering digital services and do-it-yourself burgers. Yum’s sales accelerated faster in China than Wall Street expected in the first quarter of 2016, a year in which the company plans to spin off its China unit. Officials said the sales wereboosted particularly by the company’s Spring Festival KFC chicken bucket promotions, Also the owner of the Pizza Hut and Taco Bell, the China unit is Yum’s top profit-driver. Theunit’s planned sale has garnered intense interest, attracting high-profile potential suitors andsparking speculation it will fetch a rich valuation. A consortium backed by sovereign fund China Investment Corp has already expressedinterest in buying a majority stake. Yum said last week that sales at its China restaurants open at least a year rose 6 percent inthe first quarter. Its KFC restaurants, the majority of its 7,205 stores in the division, posted a12 percent rise in same-store sales, while the smaller Pizza Hut Casual Dining posted a 12 percent decline. Resources:

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Secret UFO Invasion? Strange ‘Alien Structures’ Captured On Lunar Orbiter, Mystery Aircraft Stuns Onlookers

ERYL CRUMP for the UK mirror reports A mysterious aircraft circling the skies over a motorway in Wales has left drivers perplexed. Bizarre streams of vapour trails were pictured scattered across the skies as baffled motorists drove along the A55 at Rhuallt near St Asaph this morning. Strange ‘alien structures’ captured on Lunar Orbiter circling

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A Plumber In A Shed Builds Epic Homemade Hoverbike That Flies

What a creation, it’s a unhinged flying bike/human blender but unbelievably it gets off the ground and actually FLIES. #Unlearn what a plumber can do in a shed eh? Considering the amount of time i’ve spent on this and the fact this is my first EVER attempt at making anything that leaves the ground this is

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Bizarre Oddities: Unexplained Alien Or Mutation Found In Arizona Backyard, Scientists Baffled

DNA tests set to be carried out on a bizarre corpse allegedly found in a back yard in Arizona. By JON AUSTIN First proof of extra-terrestrials? Bizarre ‘alien’ found in Arizona baffles scientists VBFS•YouTubeThe corpse has ended up in a freak show and could be sent for DNA tests Todd Ray, who runs the Venice Beach

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Cool Tech: Podride Makes An Awesome And Fun Tiny Year Round Bicycle-Car

Cool Tech: Podride Makes An Awesome And Fun Bicycle-Car Swedish designer Mikael Kjellman has created a unique vehicle that looks like a tiny car, but has the internal workings of an electric bicycle – the PodRide. Related Video: VELOMOBILE PIMA CAB BIKE Top Trending News From The Web

Bizarre Oddities: Tech Zombies – People Are Merging With Their Smartphones

People Are Merging With Their Smartphones ‘Have you looked around lately? The zombie apocalypse is already here. It’s as if people have merged with their smartphones, as if the device is now a part of their bodies like another hand or another foot. Reality is becoming a little less real by the day. Can you

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A Game Changer? Apple Car And The Future Of Mobility

Rumors have been building for months that Apple is building a car. If the inventors of iTunes, the iPhone, and iPad add an automobile to its list of game changers, what would it look like? How would it drive? Would it fundamentally change our lives the way groundbreaking Apple products have in the past? And

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Artificial Intelligence Can Be Used For Good Or Evil But Sadly Satanic Evil Controls The World Now

Artificial Intelligence Can Be Used For Good Or Evil But Sadly Satanic Evil Controls The World Now by Jeff Rense & RomanYampolskiy WARNING: Robotic vehicles will CRUSH your freedom and usher in a totalitarian society The Zionist Matrix of Power – Full Documentary Please visit for updates and information you will never see on Fox News! Clip

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