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Video: Widest Plane Ever Built…. Microsoft’s Co-founder Paul Allen unveiled a commercial spaceship

Microsoft’s Co-founder Paul Allen unveiled an non-traditional commercial spaceship Tuesday that will launch from the widest plane ever built, and send people to outer space. (Dec. 13)

Nasa scientists have found a planet just like Earth called Kepler-22b

Nasa scientists have found a planet just like Earth called Kepler-22b. The twin planet is 600 light years away but there could be life on it. Report by Natalie Powell.

Video: Epic Fight? Thrasher vs. King Snake – Who Will Win?

They don’t call them “king snakes” for nothing — this serpent rules the roost out in the deserts near Baja California. But a four-foot-long killer is about to meet its match… a tiny curve-billed thrasher.

Video: Robotville Exhibition – Robots In Our Future

The Science Museum hosts a celebration of robots with its Robotville exhibition

Video: Great White Shark Spotted on North Carolina Coast

Video: Great White Shark Spotted on NC Coast

Video: Harvard Scientists Have Built A Flexible Robot Crawls in Tight Spaces

Harvard scientists have built a new type of flexible robot that is limber enough to wiggle through tight spaces. The team borrowed from squids and other animals to create a robot that calls to mind the clay animation character Gumby. (Nov. 28)

Video Channel: Extreme Sports

Are you an Extreme Athlete? Check out the abundance of daredevil videos featuring some of the best professionals in the sport. Or, follow along and sharpen your own tricks Loading from LongTail.tv…        

Video: Furry Freestyle

Finally tonight… There was a lot of dog-paddling going on at Raging Rivers… Owners and their pets got to cool off at the water park for the Furry Freestyle and Family Fun Day. All breeds of pooches splashed around to benefit the Central Dakota Humane Society. While most of the smaller dogs kept to the

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