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Does Grandma Hillary Clinton Wear Adult Diapers? Does Hillary Clinton Have Cognitive Impairment?

Clinton short-circuits? Ray Heard: “Hillary’s health, physical and maybe even mental, is questionable” By BRIAN LILLEY Yet another headline in right-leaning media suggests that Hillary Clinton’s health may be questionable but it’s difficult to find any discussion about this very important question in the main-stream media. As always, political insider and veteran journalist Ray Heard

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Parabiosis Vampires: Wizards And Some Billionaires Use Young Children’s Blood To Live Longer

The elite’s use young children’s blood to live longer and so do I says Paypal Billionaire By DAVID FERGUSON Billionaire PayPal founder Peter Thiel said that he believes transfusions of blood from young people can reverse his ageing process and allow him to live a vastly extended lifespan. In an interview with’s Jeff Bercovici,

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Hell No Big Pharma! Americans Now Spending BILLIONS On Natural Health Remedies

Americans now spending BILLIONS on natural health remedies including superfoods and homeopathy, while denouncing Big Pharma’s failed medicine by: Isabelle Z. (NaturalNews) As more and more Americans are starting to realize that conventional medicine does not hold the answers to their problems, their spending on natural health remedies is rising. In fact, a study that

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Scary Foods: 7 Cancer Causing Foods You Should Stop Eating

7 Cancer Causing Foods You Should Stop Eating By bullseye According to the World Health Organization, cancer is one of the leading causes of mortality worldwide. Around a third of cancer deaths are caused by five key lifestyle risks: alcohol use, tobacco use, lack of physical activity, high body mass index, and low fruit and

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22 Ways Drinking Soda Will Shorten Your Life

22 Ways Drinking Soda Will Shorten Your Life By Elisha McFarland Numerous studies have shown the negative health effects of drinking soda on your waistline and your teeth. Drinking soda, however, has far more serious health risks than many of us may realize. This article is copyrighted by GreenMedInfo LLC, 2016 According to Euromonitor, the

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Scary Food: The Lowdown On High Fructose Corn Sugar—HFCS

The Lowdown On High Fructose Corn Sugar—HFCS   By Catherine J Frompovich High fructose corn sugar (HFCS) has taken on another name—a façade of sorts—to legitimize its ubiquitous presence in most processed foods. If you haven’t seen HFCS recently on food labels, did you recognize its alter ego—“corn sugar”? The Corn Refiners Association and food

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Big Pharma Alert: Biggest Ever Study Confirms Antidepressant Drugs Raise Risk Of Suicide

Alert: Biggest Ever Study Confirms Antidepressant Drugs Raise Risk Of Suicide By Amando Flavio A new study by researchers from Denmark and the United Kingdom, who have studied antidepressant drugs and their effects, have found that the drugs indeed push people to commit suicide, especially children. The study is said to be the biggest ever

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Chemtrails The New Manhattan Project? A Brief History Of Chemtrails

A Brief History Of Chemtrails By Peter A. Kirby Your author recently put together a short video which gives a rough overview of the history of today’s New Manhattan Project. It covers the inception and rollout of the project, early experiments, the development of ionospheric heaters, and the evolution of this project’s command and control

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New Study: Very Hot Drinks May Cause Cancer

According to a new review, leading experts warn that drinking very hot beverages may lead to cancer. How hot is too hot? Very Hot Drinks May Cause Cancer by Buzz60 Top Trending News From The Web