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KFC halts chicken supply from 1,000 Chinese farms after antibiotics scare..

Source: Natural News Another day, another Chinese food scare. KFC is dropping more than 1,000 farms from its network of suppliers in China to make sure the food it serves is safe after a scandal over tainted chicken hurt company sales in that key (meaning large) emerging market last year. The issue came up in

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Health News: Coke and Pepsi are reacting to California cancer listing

Coca Cola and Pepsi are changing their drinks recipes because the state of California is listing a key ingredient as potentially cancerous. The soft drinks giants stress there are no health concerns. They say they just do not want to fall foul of what they describe as a “scientifically unfounded warning.”

Video: Petri Dish Burgers – First test-tube hamburger ready this fall, Oh Joy!

First test-tube hamburger ready this fall: researchers by Deborah Jones AFP Global Edition Feb 19, 2012 19:30 EST The world’s first “test-tube” meat, a hamburger made from a cow’s stem cells, will be produced this fall, Dutch scientist Mark Post told a major science conference on Sunday. Post’s aim is to invent an efficient way

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Health Video: How to Make Your Teeth Look Whiter

We all want whiter teeth but that doesn’t mean giving up coffee and signing up for pricey doctor’s appointments. We have easy ways to get whiter teeth at home. Loading from LongTail.tv… . Tags: Teeth, Whiter, Whiter Teeth, Smile, White Teeth

Starbucks expanding beer, wine sales this year

Starbucks expanding beer, wine sales this year Reuters US Online Report Business News (Reuters) – Starbucks Corp , which sells the coffee that helps many Americans get wound up for their day, is offering more of their customers. … more

Video: Culinary Institute of America Students Tasting Everything

To refine their palates, the CIA students must taste everything. Loading from LongTail.tv…