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#ScaryVideo – Monster Truck Loses Control After A Stunt & Runs Over Crowd In Mexico, Several Dead, Injured

At least 7 people were killed and 46 injured after a monster truck ran over spectators during the “Extremo Aeroshow” in Chihuahua, Mexico, CNN cites the Mexican state news agency Notimex as saying. The city’s mayor, Marco Quezada Martinez, told the agency that an investigation had been ordered to look into the incident. Tags:  monster truck, Chihuahua,

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Scary & Sad – A Group of Black Kids Hit & Bully A White Three Yr-Old Girl, 12 Yr-Old Brags On Facebook About It

BEYOND SHOCK – A Group of Black Kids Hit & Bully A White Three Year Old Girl Source Via – Kids bully toddler and make her cry A group of kids and a pre-teen bully a three year old girl and make her cry at least twice on camera. The cameraman (a 12

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Obama And The Bulls – Barack Rodeo Clown Stunt At Missouri State Fair Goes Viral

Missouri State Fair officials and some Democrats on Sunday condemned the performance of a rodeo clown who donned a mask resembling Barack Obama during Saturday’s bull riding competition. But lots of other people seemed to have loved it. Video courtesy of Perry Beam. Video 1 Video 2 Tags: Rodeo Clown, Barack Obama, Viral Video, Mask,

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Some People Think Nancy Grace Sounded Drunk When She Said Fu#king Coons On Live TV

Was Nancy Grace Drunk Or On Something When She Said Fu#king Coons On Live TV? Viewer Advisory. Jack Allen – Her comments were never in evidence during the trial, so we are not sure were she came up with this off the wall comment. George Zimmerman was found not guilty in the death of Trayvon

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Caught On Video – Bulldozer and 35-ton Crane Topple Into Large Pit At Construction Site

Repairs at a Russian construction site in Samara ended up in an accident. A 35-ton crane was moving bulldozer into a pit, but capsized and fell into it. Fortunately, no one was hurt in the accident as the crane operator jumped out just in time not to be dragged into the pit with the machine.

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Casey Anthony out from seclusion in Tampa attacked by reporters..

Casey Anthony has come out of seclusion for a meeting with the creditors in her bankruptcy case in Tampa. Dressed all in black, Anthony arrived with her attorney several hours early for the bankruptcy meeting Monday. (March 4) Tags: Casey Anthony, Caught On Video, Attacked, bankruptcy, news, Tampa Top Trending News From The Web

Caught On Video: Deafening Boom As Meteorite Explodes Across The Sky, Causing Widespread Panic

A meteorite exploding across the skies is quite an unusual wake-up call – many people in the Russian Urals region woke up to this sight on Friday morning. The powerful blast smashed windows and rattled houses, causing widespread panic.Caught On Video: A meteorite exploding across the skies is quite an unusual wakeup call. Tags: meteorite

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Epic Meteor Ripping Through The Sky, Blew Out Windows & Disrupted Mobile Service

Video Courtesy: Roman Belchenko – A meteorite explosion was seen from different regions of Russia and even from abroad – as far away as Kazakstan, where a dashboard camera belonging to Roman Belchenko captured meteorite fall. The meteorite shattered over several major cities, including Chelyabinsk, where the blast waves blew out windows and disrupted mobile

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Shocking Video Footage: Survival Hit-And-Run – Moment A Woman And A Toddler Are Hit By A Car

Shocking CCTV footage, from Coventry, England, captured the moment a woman and a toddler are hit by a car which then speeds off. Seconds later, the boy leaps from the ground to be comforted by passersby who rushed to help. (Feb. 13) Tags: news, Survival ,England, Hit-and-run Top Trending News From The Web