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Caught On Video: Male Realtor Arrested For Stealing Women’s Clothing From Home For Sale…

ARLINGTON, Va. – Police in Arlington County have arrested a realtor after they say he was caught on camera stealing clothes from a home being sold. 60-year-old Stephen Brumme, of Silver Spring, Md., was arrested and charged with burglary and possession of burglarious tools. Police say the victim discovered that several items of women’s clothing were

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Home Loan Modification Scam? The Horror Continues – Bank Of America Wants You To Die?????? — Bank of America Loan Modification… The horror continues! Bank of America claimed to “need” a Death Certificate of a living borrower to complete his loan modification. Watch Banking Bad, episode 2 to see what happens next in this loan mod nightmare.” Subscribe at to stay updated on future episodes and further bank

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See-Through mobile phone has been developed in Taiwan by division of a US company

The Taiwan division of a US company has developed a fully-transparent mobile phone, said to have similar functions to a smartphone. Report by Tom Ellis.Are You Ready For The Coming Food and Economic Crisis Call or Click Now: 888-654-2797. – Tags: See-Through mobile phone, Taiwan , sci-tech, news Top Trending News From The Web

Creative Business: Flash your gun, get a discount on your pizza

Virginia Beach pizzeria offers 15% discount to gun-carrying customers. Flash your gun, get a discount. Appliance Repair – We Fix It no matter who you bought it from! 877.670.7394. – Tags: Virginia Beach pizzeria, news, gun-carrying customers Top Trending News From The Web

Suicide Rates Are Soaring In The UK – Aggressive Debt-Collecting Is Blamed

Suicide rates are soaring in the UK, with money worries pushing many over the edge. Cuts to mental health services and aggressive debt-collecting are cited by experts as major factors aggravating the situation. RT’s Andrew Farmer met one mother, who lost her child over debt despair. Top Trending News From The Web

How to Create a Mobile Office in 5 Steps

How to Create a Mobile Office in 5 Steps (via The GoTo Blog) Workplace flexibility is on the rise as more organizations experience the productivity advantages of mobile work. If your company hasn’t adopted a mobile work strategy yet, then you’re moving slower than your competitors. As a leader or business owner, you need to

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Opinion: Mr. Obama, You Have A Big Problem, The Tax Rebellion Begins…..

Root For America – Opinion: Mr. Obama, you have a big problem. A tax rebellion has started. Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods have left California. Manny Pacquiao won’t fight in the U.S. And Tina Turner is now a Swiss citizen. These are just the rich celebrities courageous enough to go public. This is merely the

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Whole Foods CEO Welcomes Climate Change, Warns of Fascism….. Mother Jones

In 1978, John Mackey and his girlfriend used $45,000 in seed money to start “Safer Way,” a natural-foods store in Austin, Texas, that was supposed to offer shoppers an alternative to “evil” profit-seeking corporations. But soon the long-haired 25-year-old found himself lumped in with the people he was supposed to be fighting. His customers complained

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Holy moolah, Batman! Batmobile sells for $4.62 million…..

The iconic Batmobile from the 1960s television show sold for $4.62 million at the Barrett-Jackson classic car auction in Scottsdale, Ariz. The Saturday night sale thrilled famed car customizer George Barris, who first bought the 1955 Lincoln Futura concept car for $1 from Ford. He then transformed it into the Batmobile in 15 days with

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