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Top Secret Documents: Ancient Technology – The Most Advanced Technology

Ancient Technology – The Most Advanced Technology we know – Rediscovered in modern times by Linda Moulton Howe – MUFON SYMPOSIUM UFOTV Presents – Ancient Advanced Technology, Self Activating Machines, Planetary Terraforming, and Anonymously Leaked Top Secret Documents, all this and more set the stage for a UFO mystery that began over 12,000 thousand years ago.

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BMW Celebrates Its 100th Birthday in Munich With Release Of Epic Concept Car

Ultra-futuristic self-driving ‘Vision Next 100’ BMW unveiled during centenary celebrations German car giant BMW unveiled its futuristic self-driving Vision Next 100 concept car as the company celebrates its 100th birthday in Munich, Monday. Image Credits: RT VIA Youtube Screenshots.

Obama And The Bulls – Barack Rodeo Clown Stunt At Missouri State Fair Goes Viral

Missouri State Fair officials and some Democrats on Sunday condemned the performance of a rodeo clown who donned a mask resembling Barack Obama during Saturday’s bull riding competition. But lots of other people seemed to have loved it. Video courtesy of Perry Beam. Video 1 Video 2 Tags: Rodeo Clown, Barack Obama, Viral Video, Mask,

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Epic Seat View Video – Outlaw Run Roller Coaster – Silver Dollar City Amusement Park, Branson, Missouri

Silver Dollar City, an amusement park in Branson, Missouri, is set open it’s Outlaw Run roller coaster to the public Friday. The amusement park says the ride includes the steepest drop and first double barrel roll on a wood coaster. Tags: Branson, Missouri, news, Roller Coaster Ride, Silver Dollar City Amusement Park, Outlaw Run roller

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Video: Guinness World Records – Pro Surfer Recognized for Riding Biggest Wave Ever

Guinness World Records recognized pro surfer Garrett McNamara of Hawaii for surfing the biggest wave ever, a 78-footer he caught off Portugal’s coast in November. (May 11) Guinness World Records recognized pro surfer for surfing the biggest wave ever. Tags: Guinness World Records, pro surfer, Garrett McNamara, Hawaii, biggest wave ever, sports, news

Caught On Video: Very Rare Shark Feeding Frenzy In Perth, Australia Captured On Camera

A school of feasting sharks was captured on camera just a few hundred meters off shore in Perth, Australia. Caught On Video: Rare Shark Frenzy In Perth, Australia Tags: Science, shark feeding, rare animal sighting, animals, Australia, Perth, News

Video: Pirate Stuff – Thought pirates weren’t as dastardly as they say? Think again!!!!

Thought pirates weren’t as dastardly as they say? Think again! Five Pirate Myths That are Actually True Tags: Pirate, Myths, dastardly, National Geographic Channel, Pirate video, jolly roger, mythology, skull and crossbones, pirate ship, legend, maritime history, National Geographic

Epic Video: Hang Fins! Couple Of Dolphins Surf With Boy – Saint Pete Beach, Florida

Keith Overton was recording video of his son Mitchell wake surfing behind their boat near St. Pete Beach, Florida when a couple of dolphins decided to join in on the fun. (Feb. 6)

Video: Tiger shark mauls snorkel instructor in western Australia

David Pickering was seriously wound by a tiger shark in western Australia, just a day after Glen Folkard was attacked by a suspected great white. . Report by Mark Morris. Save up to $500 on your Vacation Package at priceline!

Video: New sea life found in Antarctica’s ‘lost world’ deep under the Southern Ocean

Scientists have discovered what they call a “lost world” more than 2,000 metres below the surface in the Southern Ocean, near Antarctica.

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