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Whites Are Under Attack? Obama, The DNC and Zionists Declare War On Whites

Whites Are Under Attack? Obama, The DNC and Zionists Declare War On Whites In The United States?

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    By Jake Allen

    Well if you are white and even more if you are a white Christian you may have noticed that you are being attacked on all fronts. There is an attempt to push Hispanics, blacks and other groups to hate white people. We know the mainstream media is Zionist controlled and they seem to be the ones pushing the agenda the most. We know Zionists like George Soros are funding terrorist groups like Black Lives Matter and mentally confused Anarchists.


    Before WW2 we know that Stalin and his mass murdering Bolshevik Jews killed over 100 million mostly white Christian people. There seems to be an agenda to destroy white Christians. The propaganda to kill whitey is so strong that Christians helped Zionists kill off fellow Christians from Germany. Today Zionists want a war with now a Christian Russia. When Russia was occupied by Stalin and his Satanic Jews they created Hell on earth. What happened to the evil of Stalin and his Jews? It seems that Zionist Jews embeded themselves in the Feds that currently control the United States.



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