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Julian Assange Thinks Hillary Clinton Is a Demon, GUCCIFER Calls Her A “HIGH PRIEST” OF THE OCCULT

GUCCIFER LETTER: HILLARY “HIGH PRIEST” OF THE OCCULT By Kurt Nimmo In a handwritten letter sent to Fox News, Guccifer calls Hillary Clinton “one of the high priests, a goddess (sic) of this occult, satanic, shadow group.” “Though I know I invested a great deal of time & effort trying to expose the crimes of

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Zionist Agenda Exposed? Charlotte Riots Show Hallmarks Of George Soros Operation

CHAOS IN CHARLOTTE: A NIGHT OF RIOTS, SHOOTINGS AND LOOTINGS Video: Hillary Falls On Her Face In Charlotte … Politically Please note this video is by Alex Jones that some claim is a Zionist gate-keeper so keep that in mind. Video: NSA Officer Scott Rickard: “Revolutions In Ukraine & Syria Funded By Zionists Like George

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