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Trampling On A Fiery American Flag Outside The DNC Backfires For A Tranny Protester

Check this out: the liberal loons outside of the Democratic Convention thought it would be a great idea to set fire to and trample on an American flag. What happened next can only be described as “justice.”

Samantha Power A Good Girl Gone Bad – How Zionism Turns People Into Mass Murdering Warmongers

A Recent Story About Samantha Power US Slob-Dressed Ambassador Pathetically Excuses Murder in Syria (Video) Samantha Power would not explain how US planes mistakenly bombed hundreds of civilians, but whined about ‘civil society’ groups. Yet she and Obama are total failures at advancing human rights they claim to champion By Ricky Twisdale Samantha Power is

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Merkel Is A Zionist Puppet Destroying Germany With An Open Door Evil Agenda

‘She declared war on own people’: Merkel vows to stick to open door policy, faces online uproar ‘Germany’s online community has been in a furor since Chancellor Merkel said she will still stick to an open door policy for refuges, maintaining Germany is still “safe,” despite the recent deadly attacks there, most of which were

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