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Forbidden Knowledge: Christian Children Killed In Satanic Rituals – Paranormal

Christian Children Killed In A Satanic Rituals

Judaism = Zionism = Satanism? Judaism Exposed! Texe Marrs

Jewish Ritual Murder Revisited:The Hidden Cult [FULL & HD]


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  • Simon of Trent

    Jewish Ritual Of Circumcision Is Spreading Disease And Killing Babies.

    Why Jews Are Persecuted

    For Their Religion

    The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction!

    There is an old saying that "a guilty conscience needs no accuser.” We have wondered for a long time if that is the reason the jew cries "religious persecutions,” every time he is found guilty of any one of a number of different crimes that makes him conspicuous in the public eye. From the jewish religious law books, the Talmud, a set of books larger than the Encyclopedia Britannica, we have gleaned a few verses for your consideration. These passages have been translated from the original Hebrew by the courts of France, causing the King of France to order all copies of the Talmud to be burned in 1489, and used by the government of Germany to convict the Jews of sabotage; and in the United States, many Jewish spokesmen, such a Marcus Eli Ravage, Arthur U. Michelson and others, have attested to the truth that these writings are part of the law of the Jewish Synagogue. There are several branches of Jewry such as the Orthodox, Reform, Liberal, Conservative, Sephardim, Ash-Kanazim, Zionist, etc.; but they all use the same religious books in their synagogues, just as all the different branches of Christians use the same Bible. We suggest you keep one question in mind all during the reading of this bit of historical testimony: Is this the reason the Jews have been disliked and driven out of every nation that ever existed down to the present time?

    NOTE: There are several words that need explaining in order that the reader may get the full meaning of these writings. 

    TALMUD: The collection of Jewish civil and canonical laws. The final authority in deciding any matter relative to the conduct of the Jews. 

    TORAH: The Jewish tradition and instruction or decisions, given by the priests or Rabbis as divine revelation. The first five books of the Old Testament of the Christian Bible. GOY: All non-Jews. GOYIM: Plural for goy. 

    Every quotation is accompanied by the chapter and verse or the page of the book from which it was taken.

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