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Donald Trump Wants To Audit the Federal Reserve, But It Would Better If He Closed It Down

The Federal Reserve Explained in 3 Minutes Century of Enslavement: The History of The Federal Reserve Donald Trump: Audit the Federal Reserve Do Zionists Control Wall Street? The Shocking Facts! CNN Goldman Sachs & the Zio Matrix Let’s Unite To End The Fed  

Jewish Neocon-Led Never Trump Movement Spent $75.7 Million On Negative Donald Trump Ads

300: Making America Great Again [Donald Trump Parody] #NEVERTRUMP GROUPS SPENT AN ASTOUNDING $75.7 MILLION ON 64,000 NEGATIVE ADS TO TAKE DOWN TRUMP   Dr. David Duke with Dr. Kevin MacDonald — We Have the Jewish Oligarchs on the Run! Dr. Duke started the show by welcoming the victory of Donald Trump in the Indiana

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False Flag Operations That Led America Into War After War After War!

Researcher and author James Perloff returns to SGT report to expose the true history of false flag operations and events that have led America into war after war after war, from the the sinking of the Maine and the Spanish war to 9/11 and the Iraqi war, and beyond. This history is the reason General

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The Holocaust Lie: Red Cross Document Confirms 271 Thousand Not 6 Million Died In Work Camps, Bolshevik Jews Killed 100 Million

Bolschevick Jews Killed 100 Million Mainly White Christians RED CROSS EXPOSES “JUDAIC” HOLOCAUST HOAX: INTERNATIONAL RED CROSS (IRC) DOCUMENT CONFIRMS 271 THOUSAND NOT 6 MILLION DIED IN CONCENTRATION CAMPS The Great Jewish Lie Holocaust Truth Exposed [ Re-Post ] The Jewish Hand in Bolshevism/Communism Not Mentioned at School – Playlist Bolshevik Jews Terror and Tyranny

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FBI: Man Sprayed Mouse Poison On Whole Foods Produce, Other Grocery Stores’ Produce Hit As Well

FBI: Man Sprayed Mouse Poison On Grocery Store Produce by Reve Fisher   On May 3, officials detained the man who has been accused of spraying a liquid onto unpackaged food products and produce at various Michigan supermarkets. The public played a substantial role in helping the FBI and Ann Arbor Police Department locate the man

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