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#ObamaGATE – Eric Holder Clueless on The Constitutional Basis for Obama’s Executive Orders

Attorney General Eric Holder couldn’t explain the constitutional basis for executive orders such as Barack Obama’s delay of the employer mandate because he hasn’t read the legal analysis — or at least, hasn’t seen it in a long time. “I’ll be honest with you, I have not seen — I don’t remember looking at or

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Ted Cruz and Rand Paul React to Dictator Obama’s State of the Union Address – #ObamaGATE

Ted Cruz and Rand Paul React to an Out Of Control Obama’s State of the Union Address. Tags: Sen. Ted Cruz, Sen. Rand Paul, Sean Hannity, Dictator, Constitution, Obama’s Crimes

Obama Puppet Master George Soros Publicly Admitted He Was A Freak Nazi Collaborator – #SorosObama

Shock Jock Alex Jones covers how George Soros publicly admitted on 60 minutes that as a young boy he was a top agent in major cities and that he knew how to find where Jews were hiding, and he would gain their trust and then set them up and steal everything they had, yet somehow

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Dictator Obama – State of Tyranny – #NotMyAmerica

Mystery Science Theater Style Coverage On Obama’s Teleprompter State of the Union Address. Tags: Obama’s Scandals, Dictator, Teleprompter, State of Union

Sen. Ted Cruz: A Few Items Obama Failed To Mention In The State of the Union Address #ObamaWatch

Sen. Ted Cruz: Alarming Items Obama Failed To Mention In The State of the Union Address Tags: State of the Union Address, Obama’s Scandals, Sen. Ted Cruz

#Undercover Reporter James O’Keefe: More Obama Tyranny, Scandals And Voter Fraud – #VoterFraud

Project Veritas founder and author of Breakthrough James O’Keefe to discuss his latest undercover infiltration, in which he exposed deeply offensive comments made by members of Battleground Texas he also explains how easy it is to get into the fight against massive corruption and why it is important to get active while it is still

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Senator Ted Cruz Censored For Calling Obama Out As A Tyrant

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) appeared on CBS Face the Nation on Sunday morning and was met with a barrage of questions from host Bob Schieffer about his involvement in the government shutdown. Apart from being the victim of Schieffer’s accusations that the Tea Party senator was to blame for the shutdown, it also appears that

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The 2014 Grammys Were A Shocking Illuminati Ritual – #BadTV #CrazyCelebs #Satanists

Katy Perry’s Grammy “Satanic Ritual” Performance Shocks Viewers. Video 2 Below: 2014 Grammy Illuminati Rituals Revealed Tags: Katy Perry, Grammys, Illuminati, Satanic Ritual, Paranormal

Sen. Ted Cruz: The Abuse of Power From The Obama Administration Concerns Me – #StopObama

Sen. Ted Cruz: The Abuse of Power From The Obama Administration Concerns Me. Tags: Sen. Ted Cruz, Obama Administration, Abuse of Power, Obama’s Scandals

Wow, Nancy Grace Says Marijuana Users Stab, Strangle and Kill Whole Families – #BoobTube

Nancy Grace: ‘Marijuana Users Stab, Strangle and Kill Whole Families’ Video 2 Below: Nancy Grace Debates Nancy Grace On Pot Tags: Nancy Grace, Marijuana, Offbeat, TV

#ViralVideo : Scientist Claims That #Wheaties Have Metal Fragments In Them

Food scientist Mike Adams offers absolute proof that Wheaties cereal contains so many metal fragments that it can be lifted with magnets. See more videos and food testing results at labs.naturalnews.com Tags: General Mills, Wheaties, Metal Fragments, Mike Adams, Health Ranger, Magnets, Magnetic

#Alarming – Intelligence Officials Make Direct Threats On NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden’s Life

NSA whistleblower Kirk Wiebe & former CIA analyst Ray McGovern point to the brashness of intelligence officials who went on the record to threaten Snowden’s life, reflecting a culture of disregard for the Constitution and due process Tags: Edward Snowden, NSA, Wistleblower

New Deadly Threat – Killer Robots To Join Killer Drones – #ScaryTimes

What was science fiction a couple of decades ago is now everyday reality. But it’s not only computers and smartphones — the progress has brought us new war machines — unmanned drones striking from the skies are no surprise for anyone today. But what has the progress of warfare prepared for us in the coming

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U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz Calls Obama Dangerous, Terrifying & Lawless

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz has told a conservative conference that Barack Obama is lawless, providing the right wing rhetoric that makes him so popular in his home state. Tags: U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, Barack Obama, Lawless, Dangerous, Terrifying, Obama’s Scandals