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America Is A Real Life Clockwork Orange & Doctor Strangelove? Daughter of Stanley Kubrick Speaks Out

Vivian Kubrick, daughter of the iconic filmmaker and director Stanley Kubrick, talks to Alex Jones about the nature of power and the human awakening that is taking place as a vibrant form of resistance against the takeover. A film director in her own right, Vivian explains why her father was decades ahead of his time

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Filmmaker Oliver Stone Feels Like A #Dissident Against The New #BigBrother US Empire

Filmmaker Oliver Stone and Historian Peter Kuznick sit down with RT’s Sam Sacks to talk about their mini-series “The Untold History of the United States.” The two also address the latest news about NSA surveillance, drones, and Wall Street greed. And Oliver Stone explains why he feels like a dissident against the US empire. Tags:

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The Old Mainstream Media Is Downplaying Black Gang’s Knockout Games, Why? – #MSMFAIL #HateCrimes

News outlets say there is no data to support notion that ‘Knockout Game’ is growing trend. Various news organizations are refuting the existence of an alleged phenomenon known as the “Knockout Game” that has been the subject of media warnings in recent weeks. According to reports by CNN, the Today show, this news organization and

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The Control Grid, Government Conspiracies, Cover-Ups & Deliberate Dumbing Down American – #ZombieNation

Calling Someone A Conspiracy Theorist Helps Them Get Away With The Crimes & Cover-Ups David Knight covering topics including the JFK narrative and the Attack on Protestors by Dallas Sheriffs at the JFK 50th Anniversary. Video 2: David knight is joined in studio by Anthony Gucciardi to discuss the deliberate dumbing down of America through

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New #JFK Info – Long-Hidden Footage Shows A Second Shooter Of John F. Kennedy? #JFKassassination

Long-Hidden Video Reports To Show A Second Shooter Of John F. Kennedy November 25, 2013 Source: Daily Mail A Texas real-estate developer is in possession of footage of John F. Kennedy’s motorcade from that fateful day in Dallas that he believes supports the theory that Lee Harvey Oswald did not act alone. Whether or not the

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#Crime – Security Experts Say Journalist Michael Hastings Car Was Hacked – #Coverups

Security Experts Saying Journalist Michael Hastings Car Was Hacked, So That Points To Murder Tags: Car Hacking, Journalist Michael Hastings, Murder, Crime Watch, Michael Hastings, Top Trending News From The Web

#Alarming – Dallas, Tx Sheriff’s Deputies Go 3rd World During A JFK 50th Anniversary Event #BigBrother

Dallas Co., Texas sheriff’s deputies, under federal control during special events, violently charged a peaceful crowd who were waiting to be let into the Dealey Plaza when it was promised to be open to the public at 2:30pm on Nov. 22, the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination. When the attack began, the official ceremony

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What Do People Really Think Of The JFK Conspiracy? – #JFK #JFKassassination

Very Graphic Detailed Film Of The JFK Assassination As It Happened More On The JFK Assassination Below JFK Assassination Conspiracy: Alarming Footage, Was The Secret Service Told To Stand Down? Very Graphic Detailed Film Of The JFK Assassination As It Happened The JFK Assassination Is Literally Being Paved Over In Texas – They Don’t Want

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The Man Who Released The JFK Assassination ZapruderFilm Still Says There Was A Government #Coverup

The Man Who Released The JFK Assassination – Zapruder Film Speaks Out About The Gov Cover-up More On The JFK Assassination Below JFK Assassination 1963 Eyewitness Debunks Crazy Magic Bullet Theory, Points To LBJ JFK Assassination : Mainstream Media Still Pushing The Government’s Official Lone Gun Nut Story LBJ and the Kennedy Killing Are

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