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See-Through mobile phone has been developed in Taiwan by division of a US company

The Taiwan division of a US company has developed a fully-transparent mobile phone, said to have similar functions to a smartphone. Report by Tom Ellis.Are You Ready For The Coming Food and Economic Crisis Call or Click Now: 888-654-2797. – Tags: See-Through mobile phone, Taiwan , sci-tech, news

Shocking Claim: Mysterious Murder-Suicide Of “Conspiracy Theorist” Author Phillip Marshall

Alex Jones welcomes investigative journalist and author Wayne Madsen to analyze the mysterious murder-suicide of “conspiracy theorist” author Phillip Marshall. We’ll also cover other major headlines and take your calls.Appliance Repair – We Fix It no matter who you bought it from! 877.670.7394. – Tags: Mysterious, Murder-Suicide, Conspiracy Theorist, Author, Phillip Marshall, Big Brother, news

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Creative Business: Flash your gun, get a discount on your pizza

Virginia Beach pizzeria offers 15% discount to gun-carrying customers. Flash your gun, get a discount. Appliance Repair – We Fix It no matter who you bought it from! 877.670.7394. – Tags: Virginia Beach pizzeria, news, gun-carrying customers

Alex Jones Takes On World Wrestling Entertainment

Alex Jones will confront World Wrestling Entertainment’s attempt to demonize Tea Party Americans and himself with their revamp of the Jack Swagger character as a xenophobic, Constitution-loving racist. Alex will also discuss the City of Los Angeles’ efforts to extort money from Infowars, accusing us for “illegally posted signs” despite the signs having no affiliation

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Asteroid Concerns – NASA’s New Goal: Don’t Let Humanity Go Extinct

While Americans were transfixed by an asteroid hurtling 17,000 miles from Earth, a meteor struck Russia’s Ural Mountains. It was a stunning coincidence, and one that poses serious questions like how prepared are we to deal with such threats?Tags: Asteroids, news, NASA

Food Police: Monsanto Challenged By 75-year-old Farmer In Supreme Court

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court heard the case of a small Indiana farmer versus the bio-tech giant Monsanto. In the case, a 75 year-old man is being accused of patent infringement by the company, but Vernon Bowman isn’t the only farmer Monsanto is pursuing legally; overall the seed giant has filed 144 lawsuits against 410

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