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Questions: Obama’s CIA Director Nominee John Brennan Does Not Believe in “Absolute Human Rights”?

Ben Swann Full Disclosure takes a look by CIA Director nominee John Brennan’s statements from the past about absolute human rights and his current role in coordinating U.S. drone strikes. Full Disclosure: Does CIA Director Nominee John Brennan Not Believe in “Absolute Human Rights” Tags: CIA Director, Nominee, John Brennan, Barack Obama, Drone Murder, iTunes

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Get A Whistle Ladies – Democrat Rep. Joe Salazar Controversial Rape Comment & Gun Grab Agenda

Lawmaker Try To Defends Gun Control Agenda With Controversial Rape Comment Rep. Joe Salazar said college women shouldn’t carry guns because they might shoot people who are not trying to attack them. Tags: salazar, guns, women guns, gun control, joe salazar, rape comment, salazar rape comment, college campus gun, gun rights, politics news, News

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke Calls For An Educated Armed Public ……..

Alex Jones welcomes Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke who recently urged the citizens he serves to consider learning firearm safety because of “a duty to protect yourself and your family.” http://county.milwaukee.gov/Officeoft… No contract, no credit check. Boost Mobile gives you choices. Pay by the month, day, or minute. Tags: Milwaukee County, Sheriff, David Clarke, Educated

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Glenn Beck: I’m Done With Establishment Republicans, I Support Constitutionalists Like Rand Paul

Glenn Beck talks with Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly about how moderate establishment Republicans have betrayed the party’s values and worked against the Tea Party and constitutional conservatives. Tags: Glenn Beck, Rand Paul, news, iTunes Podcast, Constitutionalists, news

Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes & Alex Jones – Americans Prepare for Civil Unrest with Record Ammo Sales

Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes joins Alex to consider the long train of abuses we now face, and that the founders also faced in the lead up to 1776. Could history repeat, and will globalists back off from their attack against humanity? Meanwhile, the gun control agenda is also moving forward, with multiple states introducing

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