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Opinion: Sheriffs speak out against gun grab

A compilation of sheriffs across the USA speaking out against the insanity of citizen disarmament. Includes sheriffs Richard Mack, Peyman and others.

Obama’s Un-American Drone Strike Policy Killed A 16 Year-Old US Citizen

Judge Andrew Napolitano, saying on Fox Business Network earlier today that the Justice Department has “resisted in every forum” attempts to gain access to the legal opinions that the drone policy is based on. He said the government has persuaded judges that releasing the information could threaten national security. “Suddenly it shows up in an

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Big Brother Nightmare: Smart Meter Activist Tells All

Alex Jones welcomes Jennifer Stahl, one of the ladies arrested for denying smart meter installers access to her property. [Please Show Your Support by Donating to Their Cause] http://www.napervillesmartmeterawaren…