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NRA’s Ad: Elitist Hypocrite! – Protection For Obama’s Kids, Gun-Free Zones For Ours?

Latest NRA Ad: Why is President Obama so skeptical about putting armed security in our schools? It’s okay for his kids, but not ours? We want our fair share of security, too. NRA Stand And Fight. Tags: NRA, Guns, Gun Confiscation, news, Big Brother, 2nd Amendment, Constitution, itunes, Freedom, Barack Obama, Amazon, Socialist, Video, Ad

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio: Obama is abusing his executive powers…

Sen. Marco Rubio R-Fla. criticized President Obama moments ago for his speech promoting gun control and abusing his executive powers. The president initiated 23 executive orders during his press conference, vowing to “use whatever weight this office holds” to promote his agenda. In a statement, Rubio warned that Obama’s use of executive power was troubling.

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