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Controversial #Illuminati Themed #NewYears Fireworks Show – December 31st, 2013 Sydney Australia

Video Below: 2014 Midnight Fireworks: Sydney, Australia (Full Show HD) Interesting Opinion: All Seeing Eye, Illuminati Themed New Years Fireworks Show In Sydney Australia. Tags: Sydney Australia, Illuminati, New Years, Fireworks Top Trending News From The Web

Opinion: We Must Arrest Obama, Soros And Other #Globalists To Save America – #FreedomWatch

Our longtime friend Harley Schlanger, historian and the national spokesperson for LaRouchePAC joins us to recount Barack Obama’s crimes in 2012 and 2013. We quickly determine that arresting the current ‘Commander-in-Chief’ for his many impeachable and outright criminal offenses would be a good first step in the effort to restore the Bills of Rights, the

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Target Credit Card Mass Identity Theft Scandal Update – #Banksters #CrimeWatch

The Biblical Cashless Society Is Total Slavery, Target Credit Card Mass Identity Theft Scandal. Tags: Biblical, Cashless Society, Internet, Social Control, Target Stores, Credit Cards Top Trending News From The Web

People Think Duck Dynasty’s Robertson Family Should Dump A&E For Censoring Their Free Speech – #ThoughtPolice #FreedomWatch

Alex Jones covers the continuing crusade to remove Christianity from individuals lives in America as shown through the suspension of popular Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson. Tags: Duck Dynasty, Robertson Family, A&E, Censoring, Free Speech Top Trending News From The Web

A Comic Prankster Gets Back At A Telemarketer With A Christmas Carolers Prank #FunnyVideos

A Prankster Freaks-Out A Telemarketer With An Alarming Christmas Carolers Prank Tags: Comedy, Prank, Prankster, Tom Mabe, Offbeat Top Trending News From The Web

The Obamacare Disaster Is Now Taking Over Bank Accounts – #CrimeWatch

Big Brother ObamaCare Illegally Stealing Money From Bank Accounts Already Video Source: Video: Obamacare Now Taking Over Bank Accounts Tags: Obamacare, Obama’s Scandals, Health, Health Insurance Top Trending News From The Web

#TPP Is Bigger and More Dangerous Than The Anti-American ObamaCare – #EnemyAgentObama

William F. Jasper December 15, 2013 We all remember Representative Nancy Pelosi’s infamous statement that we have to pass the ObamaCare legislation so that we can find out what’s in it. That was in 2010 and Mrs. Pelosi was then speaker of the House of Representatives. Well, Congress followed her advice and passed ObamaCare,

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Charges Dropped For Florida Cop Who Refused To Remove Guy Fawkes Mask

In this video Red Pill Philosophy and WeAreChange get another exclusive interview with a Florida police officer who was recently arrested for refusing to take off his Guy Fawkes mask during a protest. WeAreChange and Red Pill Philosophy were the only media organization that has followed up with Officer Harrell and after gaining national attention

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#Coverup ? Director Behind Obama’s Questionable Birth Certificate Dies in Plane Crash #ObamaWatch

Did she have knowledge that the release of the birth certificate was nothing more than a staged PR stunt or was this just a tragic accident? Is There More To The Story? Director Behind Obama’s Questionable Birth Certificate Dies in Plane Crash Tags: Obama’s Scandals, Questionable Birth Certificate, Obama’s Birth Certificate, Birth Certificate, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Lt. Mike

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