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Bilderberg 2012 Power Elites Plot in Secrecy in Chantilly Virginia…

For the last half century an organization of the world’s most powerful political and corporate elites have met annually, in secret all around the world. There is no official press coverage, and the meetings happen behind closed doors. This year the power elite are meeting in Chantilly Virginia, right next to Washington DC. Abby Martin

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Video: Bilderberg 2012: Secretive summit kicks-off in Chantilly, Virginia…

For a little over 50 years, an elite organization has met all around the world in total secrecy with nearly zero press coverage. On Thursday, the annual Bilderberg Conference will take place in Chantilly, Virginia where the world’s leaders are believed to make decisions that could possibly have an effect on the world. Abby Martin

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Alarming Video: South Beach Victim And His Cannibal Attacker Identified

South Beach Victim And Cannibal Attacker In Causeway Attack IdentifiedVideo: South Beach Victim And Cannibal Attacker In Causeway Attack Identified. Tags: South Beach, Victim , Cannibal Attacker ,Causeway Attack ,Identified, news,offbeat news

Drugged Out South Beach Cannibal – Attacker Overdosing on New Potent form of LSD

Video Update: Drugged Out South Beach Cannibal – Attacker Overdosing on New Potent form of LSD

Caught Eating His Face Off! Naked Men And Cannibalism “Like a scene from a Horror Movie”

MIAMI (WSVN) — Disturbing new details and surveillance video have been released in the fatal police involved shooting off a causeway that involved naked men and cannibalism. While Larry Vega rode his bicycle off the MacArthur Causeway on Saturday afternoon, he witnessed something that can only be described as savage: a naked man chewed off

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Video: Today In History – May 26th – Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley’s daughter Lisa Marie marry.

Highlights of this day in history: Allied troops begin their evacuation from Dunkirk, France; President Andrew Johnson’s impeachment trial ends with his acquittal; Actor John Wayne; Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley’s daughter Lisa Marie marry. (May 26th) Video: Today In History – May 26th

Video: Former James Bond And ‘Yes Scotland’ want a divorce from UK

Supporters of independence for Scotland have launched the campaign which they hope will let them break free of the 305-year-old union with England. The Scottish National Party are now gathering the one million signatures needed to call a referendum in 2014. But it won’t be easy, as Laura Smith explains.

Video: Lord Monckton: Agenda 21′s Globalist Death Plan for Humanity

Lord Monckton joins Aaron in-studio today, Wednesday, May 23. Monckton is a British politician, public speaker, former newspaper editor, and a spirited critic of the globalist theory of anthropogenic global warming. Mr. Monckton is in the United States to attend the libertarian Heartland Institute’s conference in Chicago. At the U.N. Summit at Rio in 1992,

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Police: 56-year-old White Phoenix Woman raped, tortured and forced to drink bleach by black male…

PHOENIX (KPHO) – May 4, 2012 – Crime scene investigators combed for clues around a Phoenix apartment complex Friday, looking for anything that will help track down a violent sexual predator who police said raped and tortured a woman throughout the night. Carli Patterson lives next door to the 56-year-old victim in the complex at

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