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True Stuff Video: This Sultry Male Lingerie Model Wears A “Mega Push-Up Bra”


Watch out Gisele Bundchen – there is a new lingerie model in town. Modelling for the Dutch retail brand Hema, the sultry model wears their “Mega Push-Up Bra” which boasts adding two cup sizes! Take a look at the campaign…

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  • Gorgeous, right? But you should probably know – he is a man. His name – Andrej Pejic.

    And as shocking as it may be – the campaign is getting a lot of praise. Fashion blog fashionista.com says…

    “If it looks this good on Pejic, just imagine what the bra could do for women with actual, you know, breasts.”

    Still feeling skeptical? Pejic assured Herald Sun, it was all natural…

    “And if you were wondering if there was any extra padding? Pejic revealed there was not a chicken fillet to be seen on set.”

    Pejic is no stranger to modelling women’s clothing. The gender-bender beauty has modelled wedding gowns for Jean Paul Gaultier and women’s wear for Marc Jacobs. He even made FHM’s Sexiest Women of 2011. The Telegraph caught up with the model before a show earlier this year to talk about his career as an androgynous model…

    REPORTER: “Was it your plan?”
    PEJIC: “No, I didn’t plan any of this, or predict. But, you know, if that’s what it takes for me to have a career in this industry, then why not?”

    A writer for Women24 agrees with Pejic – why not?

    “Personally, I believe deconstructing and breaking down society’s notions of sex can only open up our minds and make us more tolerant of differences.”

    But New York Magazine asks – what message does this send about body image?

    “…is it more problematic for girls with body-image issues to see a male body in ads for women’s lingerie, or on a fake one entirely? And why are these even viable options when, gosh, there are a lot of women out there with undies-campaign-worthy physiques?”

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