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Offbeat News: TSA agent confiscated a very scary red velvet cupcake from a women, really they did

One woman says a TSA agent confiscated her red velvet cupcake at the Las Vegas International Airport.

Video: Very cute – Siku, a month-old polar bear cub opens his eyes for the first time

Siku, a month-old polar bear cub in Denmark opens his eyes for the first time. The cub was taken from his mother after she was not producing enough milk to feed him. (Dec. 26)

Video: GoDaddy Pulls Support from SOPA After Backlash

GoDaddy says it will no longer support the controversial SOPA bill. The announcement comes after several websites threatened to leave GoDaddy.

Offbeat News: Police Say Man Ordered Beer, Robed Bank And Returned To Finish The Beer

Florida authorities say John Robin Whittle robbed a Wells Fargo Bank branch before returning to a nearby bar to finish his beer

Video: Today in History for December 26th

A tsunami kills more than 200-thousand people is Southeast Asia; Six-year-old beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey is found beaten to death; Winston Churchill addresses joint session of Congress; Presidents Truman and Ford die. (Dec. 26)